Matthew Fraser
Head Trainer/ Coach / Founder

 I have often dreamed of running a martial arts club that was both competitive and welcoming. A place where friendships, brotherhoods/sisterhoods could be made, people would feel welcome and safe, but they would train their buts off to achieve their goals.

With experience in a range of combat and sports trainer and coaching  roles as well as being an experienced educator, Matt is keen to see pathways developed and assist in the growth of local athletes and combat sport, particularly in Tasmania.  Accredited coach with Tasmanian Boxing League and holds certificates in Advanced First Aid and Mental Health first Aid.


Our experienced and highly skilled team of coaches are willing to stand with you while you put in the hard yards on the road to reaching your ultimate fighting goals and desired level of fitness.

Steve Blizzard

Steve is an experienced boxing coach and is our technical specialist. Steve has owned and operated his own boxing gyms in the past and is passionate about the sport. Steve works with our fight team and boxing classes. Accredited coach with Tasmanian Boxing League

Andrew Pritchett

Andrew is an experienced Mixed Martial Arts fighter and is proficient in a range of techniques, spending many years also training in Freestyle Ju Jitsu. While Andrew is quite rounded in skills, his specialisation is grappling/wrestling. Accredited coach with Tasmanian Boxing League

Lenny Edwards

Lenny has both boxing and Mixed Martial Arts competition experience. Although retired to raise a family, the bug has never left for Lenny and she runs a mean fitness and conditioning class.

Who knows what the future holds for this one! Accredited coach with Tasmanian Boxing League

Zara Rogers

Zara is an accredited Zumba Instructor finishing her personal trainer qualifications (July 2021) with specialisations in athlete development and women’s health.  Zara can take 1 on 1 or small group conditioning programs as well as assist with diet plans and general wellness advise. Zara is also an accredited sports trainer, group fitness and aqua aerobics instructor